Box Pouch

We just received our first shipment of the new BOX Pouches!

They have a revolutionary design that will surely be a hit on store shelves. Their completely flat bottom is the most important distinguishing factor, and they really do have a commanding presence when standing up.

Since this is a very new design, very few companies have incorporated this new packaging into their product lines, but there will definitely be more in the near future. I went to the local supermarket last weekend, and I saw that Sunsweet already used the box pouch for their prunes. It’s a truly attractive design, and all our customers have commented on how good it looks. And by the way, these taste amazing too!

Furthermore, we have had a few female customers tell us how “cute” our smaller box pouches are. We specifically designed the ones we carry for our stock to have a ferris-wheel type of see-through feature so that your customers can see your product.

So if you want a “cute” and attractive design for your packaging that also can stand-up very nicely, let us know you’re interested and we can send you free samples of BOX pouches that we have in stock now!

Cute, Flexible yet Sturdy, and NEW!!


  1. Do the box pouches have a reclosable zipper? I have a food item that want to pack, and it would be necessary for it to be reclosable.

    1. Thanks for your inquiry, Dale. The BOX pouches can definitely be had with a reclosable zipper or even a screw-cap spout. With respect to the BOX pouches that we have in stock, the medium and large sizes have a zipper. I will be glad to send you free samples for your evaluation. Thanks!

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